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Penalty Shots Elo
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Penalty Shots Elo

NHL Penalty Shots Elo Ratings

This page shows Elo ratings for skaters and goalies. The Elo ratings are used to estimate an expected performance between two opponents based on the difference of their ratings. More about them here in our blog. The data presented is Shootout Goals, Misses and Saves, Total Attempts, Success Percentage, Shootout Wins/Losses (goalies only), Shootout win percentage and the Elo rating of the skater or the goalie.

Also if you click on a player's name, you can get a report card for that player in shootouts, and you can also evaluate how that player would perform against shooters or goalies of a team. The data is available from 2007 onwards when the information about the shooter and the goalie he's facing became precise. If we get a hold of such reports from before 2007, we will incorporate them too.

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